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ActiveSense application
ActiveSense Mobile App Example

ActiveSense Mobile App

Keep tabs on pest activity at client facilities — anytime, anywhere — with the ActiveSense® system mobile app. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to install, service, monitor and deactivate sites right from your phone. Plus, offline capabilities mean you can use it in a wide range of conditions. Available for both Apple and Android phones.

ActiveSense Web Portal

Gain a holistic view of client rodent pressures with the ActiveSense® system web portal. Get a complete picture of a site's status and access data that can help you identify trends and pinpoint activity and rodent hot spots. Plus, site data can be downloaded to share with customer stakeholders.

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The Tools You Need for Success

In addition to our dedicated support team for ActiveSense located throughout the United States, we offer a number of resources to help you get the most out of your investment.

ActiveSense Mlti-catch Trap with Sensor

Multi-catch Install Guide

In just four easy steps, learn how to install an ActiveSense AIR1 Sensor in a multi-catch trap.

Snap Trap Sensor

Snap Trap Install Guide

Learn how to securely install an ActiveSense AIR1 Sensor on a rat snap trap in four easy steps. 

ActiveSense Express Bait Station

Bait Station Install Guide

Quickly learn how to install an ActiveSense AIR1 Sensor in a rodent bait station.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the ActiveSense sensors detect pest activity?

The AIR1 (active infrared) sensor detects activity using either the accelerometer (for use with snap traps) or active infrared (for multi-catch or rodent bait stations).

What traps are the sensors compatible with?

The ActiveSense® system integrates with most common trap types available on the market, including snap traps, multi-catch traps and rodent bait stations.

What is the false positive rate for ActiveSense sensors?

On a national level, the ActiveSense® sensor has a 97% confirmed trigger accuracy (that’s a 3% false positive rating). That success rate is confirmed by on-site PMP technicians after an alert is generated.

Can the ActiveSense® system be used outdoors?

The ActiveSense® sensors are built to last and are backed by a one-year warranty. ActiveSense has completed extensive testing around debris, dust and water infiltration to ensure sensor durability. In addition to being waterproof and dustproof, the sensors tolerate a broad range of temperatures (-40 F to 180 F). However, the system hub does require protection from the elements, as well as an external power source.

What is the battery life of an ActiveSense sensor?

ActiveSense® sensors are built to last with a battery life of up to three years.

How does the ActiveSense® system transmit data?

The ActiveSense® sensors transmit information to the system hub using long range (LoRa) radio frequency. The system hub then uses a cellular data connection to upload site information from the sensor to the cloud. This approach allows the service provider to bring its own network and avoid the security and reliability risks of Wi-Fi.

Who receives pest activity alerts and how are you notified?

As the pest management service provider, you decide who receives the activity alert notifications for the site. The ActiveSense mobile app and web portal make it easy to customize how activity alerts are received — via SMS/text message, email and/or web portal notification — and who receives the alerts in real time.

Where is the ActiveSense® system available?

Currently, the ActiveSense® system is available in the United States.  

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