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ActiveSense Technology goes anywhere

Why ActiveSense

Makes you stand apart. 

“ActiveSense lets us give our clients the best service possible.”

- Service manager, Black Widow Termite and Pest Control

Knowing exactly when and where pest activity occurs lets you be proactive and offer high quality service calls. Less time spent checking traps empowers you and your team to be true investigators and problem solvers, providing additional value to clients. Precise data gives you the insights to predict when and where outbreaks may occur. You can deal with pests before they become a problem.

Stand head and shoulders apart from the competition.

How it Works

The ActiveSense® system is a breakthrough in the battle against rodents.



- Step 1: Remote sensors monitor traps

- Step 2: The system hub connects each sensor to you

- Step 3: Access your data. Anytime. Anywhere


Remote sensors monitor traps

Icon representation of sensor

Engineered to operate in tough site conditions and multicatch traps, each sensor automatically monitors and reports crucial data. 

The system hub connects each sensor to you

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Your hub allows you to bring your own network, using secure cellular data. Enhanced safety brings peace of mind.

Access your data. Anytime. Anywhere.

ActiveSense Data

Log in to the portal from any device to learn trap status and activity, trap environment and temperature, and device health.

Monitor Pests From Anywhere in Any Conditions

Get precise data 24/7 from hard to reach areas - including ceiling rafters and beneath shelves - with highly accurate sensors that fit right into your current multicatch traps. It's simple to install and waterproof, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

ActiveSense in a grocery store Tap the hotspots to learn more.

The AIR1 Sensor

The heart of the ActiveSense system.

Air1 Technology

AIR1 Sensor Technology

A whole new way to stay ahead.

Fool proof and field tested. Building on 6+ years of development, the new AIR1 technology goes just about anywhere, and keeps you up-to-date everywhere. 

Technical Specifications

Monitor anywhere

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Compatible with virtually any trap or station
  • Designed for high-traffic and difficult-to-access areas

Report 3 types of data

  • Activity: trap status - now with active infrared sensing
  • Environment: temperature
  • Device health: battery status, signal strength

Reliable, durable design

  •  AIR1 sensor is dustproof, waterproof (IP67-rated)
  • -40 F to 180 F temperature tolerance
  • 4+ year battery life

Ongoing Support

Applications as varied as you.

The AIR1 sensor fits anywhere you can put a multicatch trap. They go in drop ceilings, under shelving or racking, in high-traffic areas or countless other challenging spaces.

Future Applications include:

  • Wildlife: cage traps, foot traps, one-way door traps
  • Rodent: snap traps, clamshell traps, bait stations, outside traps along pest runways
  • Cockroach

5 Year Vision

Graphic representation of future. (maybe pull from PPT) 


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