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ActiveSense goes anywhere you go.

ActiveSense is designed with your clients in mind. It's waterproof and temperature resilient nature allows it to adapt to almost anywhere. 


Wildlife site

"When you catch an animal in a trap, the quicker you get there the better.” - Jim Nase, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor

Save time and trips to check empty traps.

Squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other wild animals don’t like to announce when or where they might show up. The ActiveSense™ system can monitor traps around the clock — allowing you to deal with intrusive wildlife pests quickly, efficiently and humanely.


Rodent site

"Technology like ActiveSense has the ability to transform rodent control.” - Dr. Bobby Corrigan

Reliably monitor activity, even in hard-to-access locations.

Rats and mice can find their way into almost any environment, posing serious risks for businesses and human health. ActiveSense alerts you to trap activity wherever it happens in real time — so you can respond to this threat quickly.

Food manufacturing

Food site

"The minute I see activity, the goal is to respond immediately to control it.” - Food manufacturing manager

Precise data prevents invaders from becoming big problems.

The federal Food Safety Modernization Act puts the focus on preventing food safety concerns. ActiveSense gives you the early warning you need — as well as detailed data for root cause analysis when you need to take corrective action.


Distribution site

"It allows pest control companies to react quickly and focus on prevention.” - Food distribution manager

The bigger the facility, the bigger the challenge.

Numerous entry points. Constant incoming shipments. Even with the best exclusion efforts, monitoring a large distribution center poses a unique challenge. ActiveSense helps you reliably identify pest activity in even the largest warehouse facilities.

Food Retail

Food site

"It could show patterns in trouble spots better than physical monitoring.” -  Food retail manager

A better approach to a challenging pest control environment.

Abundant food and harborage make retail food stores a prime target for pests. Not to mention a risk for passing along food-borne illnesses. The ActiveSense™ system makes it possible to monitor pest activity 24/7. In deli islands, produce departments, bakeries, stockrooms, meat departments — even hard-to-access areas like beneath shelving and inside drop ceilings.


Residential Site

"The possibilities are endless — it can be used in a wide range of applications.” - Shane McCoy, Wil-Kil Pest Control

Convenient prevention provides peace of mind.

Pests in the home are unwelcome. Beyond being unnerving, they can pose a serious threat to both property and health. ActiveSense gives you the information and insight to deliver proactive service — putting customers at ease.

Food service

food site

"It would be more real-time monitoring rather than just random inspections.” - Full-Service Restaurant Manager

Round-the-clock reputation protection.

E. coli, hantavirus and Salmonella shouldn’t ever be on the menu. It only takes one instance of a pest problem to damage a hard-earned reputation for quality. ActiveSense constantly monitors for pest activity throughout the entire restaurant environment. So you can detect pests before they become a problem.


Education stie

"It helps us provide customers with the best service possible.” - Andrew Feldstein, Assured Environments

Ensure a safe environment for students, teachers and staff.

Pests that carry allergens and disease can pose a tough test for schools. Especially with limits and regulations on pesticide use. ActiveSense can help monitor challenging areas where pests like to hide, such as drop ceilings, giving you the answers you need.

Health care

Healthcare site

"You can prove that you don’t have trap activity in sensitive areas.” - Dan Collins, Collins Pest Management

Don’t let pests pose a threat to quality patient care.

Hospitals are for healing. But pests can spread bacteria and disease throughout a facility — contaminating medical supplies, kitchens, restrooms and more. ActiveSense provides the high degree of vigilance against pest incursions that can compromise the critically important mission of health care providers.


Hospitality site

"ActiveSense gives everyone better peace of mind.” - Jim Doll, Liphatech, Inc.

Every guest wants to enjoy a pest-free experience.

High-traffic areas such as hotel bars, restaurants, kitchens and guest rooms offer prime opportunities for pests to check in. The ActiveSense™ system helps you quickly pinpoint unwanted guests and evict them. Ensuring a consistent level of quality service is essential to good online reviews.

Pharmaceutical and biotech

Biotech site

I see the benefit in being able to pinpoint areas that are more vulnerable or active.” - Douglas Foster, Burt’s Termite & Pest Control

Total compliance for the strictest of standards.

Zero tolerance for pests and contaminants means zero tolerance. From raw material supplies all the way to finished-goods inventories. ActiveSense gives you real-time data on pest activity for the highest level of quality assurance. Just what the doctor ordered.

General manufacturing

Manufacturing site

It allows you to consistently monitor the site, instead of just when it’s convenient.” - Andrew Feldstein, Assured Environments

Production minus the hassle of pests.

Manufacturing plants need to focus on production — not the risk that pests pose to products, equipment and facilities. ActiveSense takes on the task of watching for problems 24/7 in even the largest facilities. It monitors for pests in all environments: production floors, shipping and receiving areas, break rooms and building exteriors and properties.