Software & Insights

The ActiveSense™ system gives you a clearer picture of what’s happening on-site, for service that makes a real difference.

Remote access

Look forward to access where, when and how you need it — on any platform, from any device. When there’s pest activity, the system automatically sends a notification you can check by text, email or the web. All-in-one intuitive interface. Convenience, meet efficiency.

Better data

More precise information allows you to raise service to a whole new level. Instead of just reacting to customer calls or complaints, technicians can spend more time investigating, inspecting and analyzing on-site — to head off pest problems before they arise.

Streamlined reporting

ActiveSense records data on pest activity and system health, streamlining reporting and regulatory compliance. This also helps ensure a consistent level of service, protecting your company’s reputation.

System security

We work just as hard protecting your data as we do your facilities. Security is integral to each and every stage of the system.

Looking ahead

The potential for predictive analytics promises to give you even more powerful insights for preventive pest management.

Need more information?

Find out how ActiveSense™ gives you insights that make a real difference to your business.