Sensors & Hardware

Simple to install, easy to use and fully tested. These are the field-proven tools you need to monitor pests remotely and stay a step ahead.

Remote sensors

Each sensor verifies its status, confirming that it’s connected and everything is working. Sensors automatically monitor and report data on pest activity, trap status, temperature, battery status and signal strength. And they’re engineered to operate in tough site conditions and in virtually any trap or station type. Sensors can also be updatable with a scan from your smartphone so your system can take advantage of future updates. 

System hub

Using a cellular data connection, each hub allows you to bring your own network – avoiding the security and reliability risks of Wi-Fi. On most sites, each hub can cover more than 300,000 square feet and support 1,000 sensors.

Monitor anytime, anywhere

Now you can monitor pests around the clock in virtually any environment. In drop ceilings, under shelving or racking, in high-traffic areas or countless other challenging spaces and applications. Use the sensors inside traps or outside them along rodent runways. Configure building maps within the app for the ActiveSense system and monitor for pests 24/7 from your mobile device. 


Features of the Next-Generation Technology from ActiveSense

Report 4 types of data

    • Activity: trap status - now with active infrared sensing
    • Environment: temperature
    • Device health: battery status, signal strength
    • Disturbance: monitors if traps have been moved

Compatible with virtually any trap or station

    • Rodent: snap traps, clamshell traps, multicatch traps, bait stations, and outside of traps along pest runways
    • Wildlife: cage traps, foot traps, one-way door traps
    • Cockroach

Reliable, durable design

    • Waterproof
    • -40 F to 180 F temperature tolerance
    • 4+ year battery life

Monitor anywhere

    Designed for high-traffic and difficult-to-access areas

Designed around you

    • Simple to install and operate
    • Wireless updates enable future sensor enhancements

Broad coverage

    • System covers 300,000+ sq. feet.
    • Each hub supports more than 1,000 sensors

Ongoing support

    • One-year warranty on hardware components
    • Online resource center

Find out how ActiveSense™ gives you insights that make a real difference to your business.