The ActiveSense® System

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Keep a step ahead of pests

The ActiveSense® system is redefining the pest management industry. It provides rigorous pest control by giving you 24/7 site visibility. Real-time alerts and precise data let you know where and when there’s pest activity, so you can increase efficiency, improve service and provide added value to your customers.

How it Works

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Advanced Remote Sensors

Now you can get real-time notifications when pest activity is detected. Plus, monitor trap status, battery status and signal strength via the mobile app and web portal.

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Mobile App and Web Portal

Monitor on-site activity anytime, anywhere with the ActiveSense mobile app and web portal. See trap status, set up notification preferences including who receives them, and view the site report to get a complete picture of a site's status.

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System Hub

Using a dedicated cellular data connection, the hub transmits real-time activity alerts from the sensors to the web portal and mobile app, so you always know what’s happening on-site. 

Features of the AIR1 Technology

Monitor Pest Activity Anywhere, Anytime

Monitoring on-site rodent activity, especially in high-traffic and difficult-to-access areas, has never been easier. Simple and quick to install, the ActiveSense® system immediately notifies you of rodent activity with real-time alerts. 

Access Multiple Data Types

Monitor activity and device health at your convenience via the ActiveSense® web portal and mobile app. Access trap status, battery status and signal strength 24/7 — anytime, from anywhere. 

Cutting-edge, Reliable, Durable Design

Designed for high-traffic and difficult-to-access areas, the ActiveSense® sensors are built to last. Both dustproof and waterproof (IP67-rated), these sensors tolerate a broad range of temperatures (-40 F to 180 F). Plus, they offer an impressive battery life - lasting up to three years.

Flexible Rodent Application Offering

The ActiveSense® system works with the equipment you already have, integrating with most common traps and stations on the market, including snap traps, most multi-catch traps and rodent bait stations. 

Committed to Supporting You

Your success is our No. 1 priority. It’s why we have a dedicated support team of experts located throughout the United States. It’s why we back the ActiveSense® hardware components with a one-year warranty. And, it’s why we provide an online resource center, packed with quick guides, videos and more. It’s all about supporting you and helping you make the most of your investment.

See How the ActiveSense® system Can Help You

24/7 Monitoring in Difficult-to-access Areas

Mice love pet food, so it’s never a surprise when a pet food manufacturing plant experiences an occasional mouse problem. Building construction, on top of that, can make resolving the issue more challenging as McCloud Services found at a Kansas City facility. Learn how the ActiveSense® system helped greatly reduce service time in difficult-to-access areas.  

Prevent Regulatory Action and Potential Product Contamination

When structural fumigation couldn’t rid a food plant of its mouse problem, they turned to McCloud Services for resolution. A thorough inspection and the installation of the ActiveSense® system revealed structural challenges that offered mice safe harborage from the fumigation attempt. Learn more about how the data provided by the system helped the facility avoid a regulatory closure.  

Reallocating Service Time to Increase Strategic Inspections

Packed with ample food, dry good warehouses are notorious for attracting rodents. Due to site challenges, including a large rodent population in the area, ScherZinger Pest Control installed the ActiveSense® system. Learn more about how the reliability of the alerts and the pinpointed data sold the customer on the system. 

Reputation Protection Through Rodent Control

For your customers, reputation is everything. A single rodent sighting can put that reputation in jeopardy. Environmental Health Services, Inc. used pinpointed activity data provided by the ActiveSense® system to keep rodents out of a local university conference center, all while keeping the center’s stellar reputation intact.

Removing the Guesswork to Protect a Vulnerable Apartment Building

For more than a decade, Black Widow Termite and Pest Control kept a Manhattan apartment building rodent-free. That is, until Norway rat pressure from a nearby garden threatened its streak. As an added measure, Black Widow installed the ActiveSense® system. Armed with pinpointed data, Black Widow was able to remove the guesswork and make service adjustments that helped them uphold the apartment building’s rodent-free title.   

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