Frequently Asked Questions


The system is now available for direct purchase by approved customers. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a customer or if you have any questions.

ActiveSense is currently available in the United States. We anticipate making ActiveSense available in other global key markets in the future.

Talk with your pest management professional or contact us to learn more.

How It Works

The ActiveSense system monitors both wildlife and rodents, and will be available for monitoring other pests in the near future. It’s compatible with virtually all trap and station types — including multicatch traps, snap traps, clamshell traps, cage traps and more. The system also can monitor outside of traps on rodent runways.

Yes. We’re working to expand the platform for the ActiveSense™ system to include additional pests to meet industry needs. And we’ll keep you informed when new products are available.

Yes. The newest update to the ActiveSense™ system allows for monitoring activity outside of traps along suspected rodent runways.

No. The ActiveSense™ system sends site information to the cloud through a cellular data connection — allowing the service provider to bring their own network and avoid the challenges of Wi–Fi connectivity.

Yes. The sensors are battery powered (4+ year battery life), waterproof and designed to operate in challenging outdoor environments. The sensors also have a broad temperature tolerance (-40 to 180 F). However, the hub requires an external power source and protection from the elements.

The system is designed to cover more than 300,000 square feet. The total footprint a hub can cover can vary depending on the amount of on-site radio interference.

Each hub can support more than 1,000 sensors.

Battery life on the ActiveSense sensors should exceed four years.

As the pest management service provider, you decide who will get notifications for any given site. You can also set how notifications are sent for each sensor. Options include SMS (text) messaging, email or a notification posted on the online portal.

The National Pest Management Association has included the use of remote monitoring systems in their 2016 Pest Management Standards for Food Processing & Handling Facilities. The ActiveSense™ system provides an additional level of product and brand protection that makes it a great fit for even the most stringent quality assurance programs.

Monitoring pest activity and environmental conditions 24/7 with the ActiveSense™ system allows you to track data and garner the insights you need to take a proactive approach. So you can deal with pests before they become a problem. Now you can know exactly — to the minute — when and where pest activity occurs. This frees up your technicians to focus on what they’re trained for: on-site investigation, inspection and analysis. Plus, ActiveSense is ideal for monitoring in spaces that are challenging or impractical to access.

Find out how ActiveSense™ gives you insights that make a real difference to your business.