Benefits of Remote Pest Monitoring

With the ActiveSense™ Remote Monitoring System and real-time monitoring, McCloud Services was able to help a large bakery operation avoid regulatory action.

To ensure humane treatment, swift removal of trapped wildlife is critical. With accurate alerts, Moyer Pest Control quickly resolved a skunk issue.

I was impressed with how quickly it provided alerts and how accurate they were. I now explain to every customer that I use a sensor system, and every customer loves it. I can justify the cost quite easily.

Jim Nase, Moyer Indoor/Outdoor

Easily monitor pests 24/7 in virtually any environment with real-time alerts to your mobile device. 

An aging warehouse needed help with an escalating mouse problem. ActiveSense™ Remote Monitoring System allowed ScherZinger to spend more time on proactive inspections and exclusion work.

Capacity is no issue for the ActiveSense™ Remote Monitoring System. Learn how Black Widow used precise data to mitigate heavy rodent pressure at a Manhattan apartment building.

My technicians are investigative geeks that like to do some digging to find problems. The time ActiveSense saves us is now being used to do an inspection of the rest of the plant. That means our client reports are much more detailed, particularly on the sanitation side of things.

Patrick Boland, ScherZinger Pest Control

More precise and detailed information about pest activity lets you take a more proactive approach to working with clients.

Find out how ActiveSense™ gives you insights that make a real difference to your business.