Overcoming Sanitation Issues With Pinpointed Data

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When unable to use the physical evidence, My Pest Pros turned to the ActiveSense® system for its pinpointed activity data to help identify mouse hotspots and inform corrective action.

Packed with nutritious pet food, a local pet store is not an uncommon place to encounter a house mouse (Mus musculus) problem. Especially when that pet store is housed in a strip mall littered with conducive conditions. When that store shares walls with restaurants and there’s a nearby grocery store, you have the makings of a full-blown mouse infestation.

That’s exactly what happened to a pet supplies store in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. While structural defects, such as gaps in door sweeps, provided ample rodent access points, the fact that there wasn’t a uniform pest management program for the entire strip mall only complicated things further.

After working unsuccessfully with its original pest management professional (PMP) to get the infestation under control, the owner of the pet store turned to My Pest Pros of Fairfax, Virginia, for help.

“The store had rodent issues, and the owner was frustrated,” says Brett Liebermann, owner of My Pest Pros. “Sanitation was definitely an issue.”

Not only were there several hard-to-access areas that made cleaning a challenge but also both old and new mouse droppings littered the store. Plus, the particle boards used on shelving units were saturated with urine. With the store-level staff reluctant to thoroughly clean up the waste, distinguishing new droppings from old was difficult for the My Pest Pros team.

Unable to use the physical evidence available to them, My Pest Pros recommended the installation of the ActiveSense® system. That way, the 24/7 remote monitoring technology could provide pinpointed activity data to help the team identify mouse activity hot spots and inform corrective action.

“ActiveSense is pretty simple to learn and use,” Liebermann says. “It gave us the data we needed to identify areas where the real problems were.”

After installing ActiveSense® sensors on 12 multicatch traps and three snap traps within the store and storage area, it didn’t take long for the activity alerts to start coming in.

The sensor data showed the most activity in those uncleaned areas and provided data-backed evidence the My Pest Pros team used to convince the staff to commit to more thorough cleaning.

“We had activity all over the store,” Liebermann says. “But the heart of it was by the dog food section and the storage area.”

In just two weeks, the My Pest Pros team caught 35 mice with data from the ActiveSense® system showing the classic bell-shaped curve that the rodent activity and population were on their way to complete eradication.


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