Delivering Stronger Brand Protection With Smart Technology

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Smart technologies are driving industrywide changes in many sectors, including pest management. Find out how pest control professionals are using IoT solutions, like electronic remote monitoring, to deliver always-on pest control that bolsters pest prevention and food safety. 

Technology is changing the food manufacturing landscape by automating tasks, such as equipment and temperature monitoring, to increase efficiencies while ensuring product quality and food safety.

Similar monitoring technology is also being used by pest management professionals (PMPs) to deliver always-on pest control that strengthens brand protection and bolsters pest prevention.

From Reactive to Proactive Pest Management

With the Food Safety Modernization Act, regular equipment inspections became a necessary evil for compliance. But, no matter who you ask, a service visit spent checking equipment for pest activity feels counterintuitive to pest prevention efforts.

Your PMP is a highly trained observational biologist and equipment inspections waste valuable time that could be used to apply that expertise and prevent pests. Electronic remote monitoring technology, like the ActiveSense® system, is eliminating the need to inspect every piece of equipment by monitoring for pest activity 24/7. The ActiveSense system also alerts your PMP in real time when pests are detected so they know when and where activity is happening, even when they’re not on-site.

With equipment essentially checking itself, your PMP can reallocate service time spent checking equipment to important pest prevention tasks, such as proactive inspections and exclusion work, leaving your facility better protected.

PMPs also report that ERM systems detect pests earlier than ever before, enabling a quicker response and more targeted service. Plus, the environmental impact, like a secondary infestation, is greatly reduced because the pest no longer sits until the next service.

Root-cause analysis is also improved because your PMP can respond while pest evidence is still intact.

Data-driven Pest Management

Beyond monitoring for activity, ERM technology aggregates activity data that can then be analyzed by your PMP to identify trends and active hot spots to inform new prevention strategies and program adjustments for a truly proactive pest management program.

Additionally, the pinpointed time-stamped data and Audited Service Report the ActiveSense system provides falls in line with auditor expectations. The Audited Service Report provides detailed documentation of pest activity, including service notes and supporting images captured during a physical inspection, the root-cause analysis and the corrective action taken to prevent future pests.

Redefining Pest Management With ERM

Proactive pest management is a reality with the ActiveSense system. ActiveSense empowers PMPs to streamline their trap checking process, helping them provide stronger brand protection to audited food clients. Contact us to learn more. 


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