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Always Know What’s Happening On-site

Your customers depend on you to keep them safe from the threat of pests. With 24/7 monitoring and data-backed insights, you’ll have a proven system to help protect the health and property where your customers work and live. 

Food Manufacturing and Distribution

Detect Small Problems Before They Escalate

With real-time data and pinpointed activity alerts, the ActiveSense® system allows you to maintain a strong integrated pest management plan.    

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Identify Trends With Precise Data

The ActiveSense® system gives you the targeted data you need to protect sensitive and highly regulated sites. Use data to identify trends and inform corrective action for long-term resolution. 

Proactive Pest Management, But Smarter

Real-time digital alerts from the ActiveSense® system help you tailor your on-site response and improve efficiency. Use the time you save to provide proactive services, such as more effective risk analysis.  

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“We tested ActiveSense in areas where accessibility is a concern. We appreciate the reduced service time and safety benefits when monitoring challenging environments.”

Patricia Hottel, BCE, McCloud Services

Commercial Accounts

Know What to Expect Before Stepping On-site

Always know what’s happening on-site, even when you’re not there, so you can come armed with data, knowledge and a proactive plan.

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Elevate Your Company With Data-driven Service

Remove the uncertainty of pest management by equipping yourself with data. From root cause analysis to trends, deliver the smarter pest management your customers want and grow your competitive advantage. 

Added Value, for You and Your Customer

Extract additional revenue by shifting from trap checking to higher-value activities, such as strategic inspections. Plus, minimize rote tasks so your technicians can use their time more effectively.    

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“Understanding when the activity was happening helped us better arrange our technicians to more quickly remove the rodents for our customer.” 

Austin Burns, Burns Pest Elimination

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Get in touch with the ActiveSense team

We want to help you work more efficiently, enhance your service value and strengthen the brand protection you provide your customers. Reach out to our team to learn more about electronic remote pest monitoring with the ActiveSense® system. 

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